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Reviews on Facebook

Please, feel free to post your comments about my songs here on FB: Dear Friends and Followers! Please, feel free to post your comments about my songs HERE! Over the last few months I have received tremendous amount of positive comments and support from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, private messages, etc. and I am grateful to each and one of you for this! This post will be pinned to the top of the group as REVIEWS section had to be taken down a few days ago when we found out that the comments to the last review that the spammer left could not be deleted!And of course you all saw that female spammer activity on my private account and o

"Far away, far away" song

After a beautiful break outside of hustle and bustle of London a new song was born! It is called "Far away, far away" and it will be part of my third EP called "Beyond the Ocean of Dreams". It is about the faraway land where all dreams are real, it's like a fairy tale, a wonderland!

My First EP "Reborn From Ashes" is OUT!

My first EP "Reborn from Ashes" is out TODAY! Available on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and from all major stores! Check it out! Itunes: Amazon: Spotify:

"Я соберу обломки своего сердца" песня/song

The first song I wrote in Russian was "Мне бы в небо": The second one came quite quickly after that and is called"Прощай". Then I switched to English and nothing in Russian was coming... So finally yesterday I wrote another song in Russian called "Я соберу обломки своего сердца" and its translation is "I will assemble my heart from pieces back together". This song is about the break up of people after which the person understands that nothing in this Universe lasts forever and you can trust only your heart and let's say "fate" or "Higher Power" because trust in somebody else can always fail as we are only humans and therefore make mistakes even if

"When the Sun Went Down" song

A new song that was written yesterday was "When the Sun Went Down" and it is a song that talks about the loss of a loved one but not openly. For instance, "I'll see you rising high up in the sky as a whirl of light" is the line to indicate the loved one is gone. Then there comes a series of questions in a conversation between the one who is left here on Earth and the one who departed. "Which plane you're going, please, let me know", etc. Out in 2018!

"I Hug Trees" song

I have wanted to write this song for a long time because I am sure you have noticed from my social media platforms that at least once a week I go somewhere to spend time with nature... Just in April this year I went for a walk in the woods with one of my acquaintances and his dog and when I saw one patch of that particular forest I was so fascinated by the trees and felt the power in them that yes, I started hugging them! But he started laughing and said he had never seen anything like that! But he liked it even though he was surprised! Yes, the power of nature is IN nature, the power of trees is inside the trees. If we "communicate" with them, we can "hear" them and get energy and emotional

"What If Time Machine Existed?" my new song

Many years ago, to be specific in 2002, I was staying in Brighton, the south of England with my childhood friend and one night we went to the cinema to watch a film "The Time Machine". It was beautiful-I remember how I was mesmerised by the plot, the scenery in the film and the way the actors performed. What struck me in the plot at that time was the fact that one scientist lost his fiancee and then tried to invent a time machine, which he successfully did in the end. After that he tried to go back in time to that night when he lost his fiancee and live through the events differently trying to change the fate of that woman. However, that woman died again but in a different way. You can not r

"I want to Stay Here Forever" song

One of the songs that I wrote at the end of July 2017 was "I want to stay here forever". It is very deep in meaning and hard to be understood by everybody. Some people have already commented on social media and in private messages with things like "Stay where?", "You want to be immortal?" and so on...apart from nice comments! NO, I don't want to be immortal even though my ancestors lived long years and some of them longer than 100 years! The lyrics go "This place is heaven on this Earth and there is no place like this" meaning that the artist has found that spot where his/her creation fountain starts and functions and this is the state I personally want to stay in FOREVER. "There is no place

Religion and Spirituality: Same or Different?

Today I came across one article about the fact that Brits have become less religious/more than half "have no religion" and posted it on my Facebook. That is the article: This led to a great and peaceful discussion on FB as a result. Some food for thought for everybody! Below I write main conclusions we came to! Nowadays many people confuse religion and spirituality. Spirituality and religion must be separated. Religion itself is a set of beliefs which can be questionable. Some people defend their religion aggressively and this leads to wars and o

"I am here, follow me", new song

Have written a new song in the early hours of night today and named it "I'm here, follow me". The song is about communication between two worlds-the world of the dead and our physical world. It is about how a living person can get messages from somebody who passed away. It is a conversation between the spirit and the one who loved that person who is not here any more. The song will be in quite a different style from the previous work. Hope you will enjoy it! #wica #wicasongwriter #wicasongs#wicasinger #wicaartist #songwriting #songbywica #newsong #новаяпесня #творчество

Recording of my new song "Our Star in the Sky" in Sefi's Carmel Studio

A while ago I wrote a song called "Our Star in the Sky". And today I was lucky to record it with an award winning composer, mixing/mastering engineer, producer and sound designer, Sefi Carmel. It is a song about following our dreams and there is another idea interwoven in it-the idea of destiny, fate or what is called "Maktub" in Arabic. In other words, "what is meant to happen will happen and what is not meant to happen will never happen". This can be applied to different areas of our lives. My song"Our star in the sky"will be out this month. So keep in touch and you will updated with the release date! This song will be part of my second EP called "Freedom heals" which will be out in Dec

Swan loyalty till "death do us part" and my new song "I am breaking chains"

Yesterday I recorded one of the songs I have written as I mentioned yesterday in the other post and today I would like to talk about the bond between people, my experience and of course the song itself! The song I called "I am breaking chains". But why you may wonder? Like swans people form relationships and families. The difference is that people's bonds are not as strong as swans' in most cases! Nothing can beat swan loyalty-their bond is unbreakable, as they say "till death do us part". Sometimes you feel like there is a special type of bond between you and the other person. That might happen not only in marriages... The strongest bond I ever experienced was actually with a person who I w