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First September Wishes

Almost dead in bed after long day today but still typing!) The summer is over and the first of September has just kicked in... To all schoolchildren and my loved one who is going to school tomorrow too I wish success, victories and good grades for this year🥇 Astra in the picture is the flower of 1st September in Russia. Children, you are our future! #firstseptember #September #children #schoolchildren #astra #future #childrenourfuture #дети #детинашебудущее #астра #астры #первоесентября #россия #линейка #учебныйгод

Busy but Productive Day

Today was quite a hectic day as spent 5 hours in Chelsea Harbour recording 3 of my songs that will be part of EP which will come out in December 2017. I plan to call this EP "Freedom heals" and it will include 4 songs: 1. Let me out 2. Breaking Chains 3. Our star in the sky 4. I say to you bye Check out my You Tube channel to listen to the chorus of two of these songs! "Let me out" chorus is here: "I say to you bye" chorus is here: All songs are written from my heart-it was a long journey to being capable to write about such things...but I believe nothing is wasted in life, there is always a balance. If you lose somethi

Big Wave of Sorrow

A new my teenage years I stayed in Thailand for a few months and really fell in love with this country. In 2004 we decided not to carry on with our family tradition to go to Thailand for Christmas and instead we flew to a Chinese island for Christmas in 2004. We saved our lives by taking this decision without really knowing about it...Thailand was badly hit by tsunami on 26th December 2004. Nearly 250,000 people died across 14 countries. Today I was chatting with one of my acquaintances who lives in Houston and he was commenting on the Harvey hurricane that hit Houston just this morning...immediately my mind went back to that tragedy in Thailand due to tsunami in 2004 and I watched