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Just had a coronavirus test-a bit confused...

Got tested for coronavirus again and was a bit confused by the procedure being used now for this test. We were asked to sit down and open a kit in front of us with a "stick" which the instructor then asked to put inside the throat and swab there and then THE SAME END inside one of the nostrils and swab there for 10 seconds.

I am just confused how come you use the same end of the "stick" to swab in the throat and then a nostril?!

When I had my COVID-19 test back in May 2020 the test was taken by a member of staff and he used different "sticks"-one for the throat and one for the nostril.

I have just researched if it is ok for the tests to be done like that as it is different from what it used to be just in spring and it looks ok according to Barts HEALTH NHS Trust below:

Anyone had the same type of experience and what do you think?!

Why has the test changed? Is that an attempt to minimise the costs of testing?Just a bit shocked!

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