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French Freedom of Speech and their "cartoons"

The events over the last couple of weeks make you wonder if the world is truly able to survive and keep the balance that seems to be about to get out of hand.

Macron's statements in light of recent events in France sound as if Islam has suddenly contradicted the French freedom of speech.

The very possibility of the publications that were republished in France this year seems like some form of blasphemy. Laughing at other people’s beliefs and religion is indeed blasphemy.

The idea of such publications and the publications of such content in the UK would be impossible because it is a provocation, it is insulting and it is also illegal. Why France, which is a part of the EU, allows itself such behavior in 2020, repeating the history 2015, is not clear.

Some say that “cartoons” are not an insult. The question why the French chose Prophet Muhammad for cartoons back in 2015 instead of Jesus or any other prophet is a rhetorical one. At least 10 % of the French population are Muslims, and such publications are unethical and insulting to them.

Why didn't France publish cartoons of gay or lesbian people, for instance? Because it's not ethical. So why did it suddenly become ′′ normal ′′ and ′′ freedom of speech ′′ to publish cartoons related to religious matters?

That is not to say that I am in support of the actions of terrorists who attacked the silly people spreading blasphemy or civilians.

It is necessary to understand that a believer after seeing blasphemy can of course be outraged, angry but would forgive and move on. Because it is not up to him to judge these people.

A fanatic person who is essentially a non-believer and not related to Islam will be indignant and attempt to destroy those who insult him or his feelings, etc. And this is ′′ normal behavior ′′ among any fanatics / THIS IS THEIR NATURE, that's why they are fanatics.

For example, a ′′ fanatic " insulted by a particular woman's behaviour would attempt to, let’s say, set her house on fire or kill her for her treatment towards him. This is NOT normal behavior in our world and people like this go to jail. A normal man will simply break up with a woman with whom he does not want to be anymore. He is not going to take her life or use any cruel tactic in an attempt to get revenge. We can then see that this is the issue of ′′ fanaticism ′′ regarding anything, whether it is to do with religion or not.

We do need to understand that there are fanatics in our society. It is a certain number of people and it is relatively low compared to the general population size, and of course something needs to be done about this issue. However, one must understand that this type of fanatic behaviour has nothing to do with Islam.

In Islam, there are different "movements " some of which are banned and′ “ordinary” Muslims have nothing to do with it. For this reason, the areas in Europe with many Muslims tend to consist of families of several generations who live peacefully and profess their religion, just like Christians and Jews.

Freedom of speech is not in the publication of cartoons on prophets of different religions and not in the mockery of believers, as France did. People of any religion living in one country must still respect each other, their religions and live in peace and harmony.

P.S.: The above are my opinion and thought to which I am entitled. I hope I didn't offend anyone. Peace and happiness to all 🙂

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