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My song "Love never hurts" with a new tune

Recently I updated everybody that I had to take down my song "Love never hurts" from music platforms. As you know I wrote "Love never hurts" lyrics in August 2017 and then found a tune for it through one Italian producer who claimed it was his tune and he owned the copyright to the tune.So I bought the tune, recorded my song in the studio and released it at the end of August 2017.

The song was very successful and at the end of December I got a notice from Youtube that another company claimed the copyright for the TUNE. I was very upset as I bought that tune from the person who claimed he had copyright for the tune.

In short, what happened is that I bought the tune from somebody who didn't have the copyright for the tune, so I decided to remove that song as I don't own exclusive rights to the tune because of that cheating by an Italian producer.

However, good news is "Love never hurts" will be released in the next couple of months with a new and great tune! All is ready and hope you will enjoy it!


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