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The meaning of "Keep being you" song

This is a romantic song that I came up with and it stresses out the need to be yourself in our relationships.

Why do so many relationships or/and marriages break down these days? When we meet a person, most of us don't allow themselves to be who we are. We play certain roles/wear masks/pretend to be who we are not. So the other person has a particular opinion and impression of us which is better than in reality. And only with time we open up and behave as we do normally showing our real face. So those close to us know what type of character we really are.

Now imagine you are dating, both of you are doing your best and once you start living together or get married, you are with each other every day, most of the time, so it is more difficult to pretend to be somebody who you are not if that is what you were doing in the dating stage. Even if you were not pretending to be better than you are, many people get tired of doing their best and making an effort, so problems arise and many relationships/marriages do not survive long.

So the song is a message to be the "real" you. Just keep being you because I love you the way you are and grateful to you for everything you have done for me. And I love you for not what you are tying to be. That "real" you as you are is better for me than the "mask"/"unreal you.

Loving you just as you are, with all positive sides and all drawbacks, just as you are is what matters.

Out in 2018!

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