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Behind the scenes of "It's written in the sky" song

All of us go through difficult periods of life and something can happen that leaves you in shock for a long time and by "long time" I mean several or/and many years.

For that period of time you can live your life but you feel like you are carrying a burden and there is no light at the end of a tunnel and then one day finally you feel like it has lifted from your shoulders and you feel at peace and harmony. What worried or troubled you for such a long time finally lets go of you and you are FREE! Free to live without a heavy feeling, free to live and just TO BE.

It is an amazing feeling and I wish everybody experiences it in the end. All troubles, all pain, all worries come to an end one day and the key is to be patient because that day is coming or it has already come for some of us.

What is "written in the sky" is bound to happen, it is unavoidable, it is "Maktub", so let it happen, accept it. Don't cry, "it's written in the sky".

Out in 2018!

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