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"I Hug Trees" song

I have wanted to write this song for a long time because I am sure you have noticed from my social media platforms that at least once a week I go somewhere to spend time with nature...

Just in April this year I went for a walk in the woods with one of my acquaintances and his dog and when I saw one patch of that particular forest I was so fascinated by the trees and felt the power in them that yes, I started hugging them! But he started laughing and said he had never seen anything like that! But he liked it even though he was surprised!

Yes, the power of nature is IN nature, the power of trees is inside the trees. If we "communicate" with them, we can "hear" them and get energy and emotional healing from them. I love trees!

This song will be coming out in 2018 as all the releases are already scheduled for this year-EP is coming out on 9th September 2017 and the second EP is in December 2017.

Also in December I want to release one of my favourite songs that I have written so far-"Big Wave of Sorrow" about which I was writing before in this blog. Check it out here:


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