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"What If Time Machine Existed?" my new song

Many years ago, to be specific in 2002, I was staying in Brighton, the south of England with my childhood friend and one night we went to the cinema to watch a film "The Time Machine".

It was beautiful-I remember how I was mesmerised by the plot, the scenery in the film and the way the actors performed. What struck me in the plot at that time was the fact that one scientist lost his fiancee and then tried to invent a time machine, which he successfully did in the end. After that he tried to go back in time to that night when he lost his fiancee and live through the events differently trying to change the fate of that woman. However, that woman died again but in a different way. You can not run away from your fate/destiny, as they say...so after that he started travelling to different eras and see how people lived, what was important to them.

Sometimes I recollect certain things from the past and watch old films and yesterday was that type of day! So I watched this beautiful film again and a new song came to me. It is called "What if time machine existed?" Will be out in 2018, stay tuned!

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