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Religion and Spirituality: Same or Different?

Today I came across one article about the fact that Brits have become less religious/more than half "have no religion" and posted it on my Facebook. That is the article:


This led to a great and peaceful discussion on FB as a result.

Some food for thought for everybody!

Below I write main conclusions we came to!

Nowadays many people confuse religion and spirituality. Spirituality and religion must be separated. Religion itself is a set of beliefs which can be questionable. Some people defend their religion aggressively and this leads to wars and other conflicts.

On the other hand, spirituality is more like having human like qualities such as being compassionate, understanding, helping and supporting others, developing spiritually. Spirituality and aggression are things that can not go together. You can be religious and at the same time spiritual. However, you can have no religion but still be a spiritual person because spirituality is not about who believes in what, it is about our behaviour and qualities that we exhibit most of the time.

One more thing to mention here is that all religions, if you look into the world history, were aggressive at some point of time! So not only some people kill in the name of God but also some kill if non believers refuse to convert. For instance, Christians were killing pagans in Russia in the 16th century if they refused to accept Christianity. Many other examples can be given here but all main religions were aggressive at some point of time for sure.

To conclude, just want to tell one story that happened with me when I lived in India. I went to travel from Kerala to Karnataka state at that time and it was about 6pm when I was coming back home walking along the road. I noticed a man following and watching me. It looked like he was going to run after me...nobody was around to scream or ask for help and suddenly a motorbike with two people was passing by and they stopped and told that man to get away from me. After that they gave me a lift to the hotel and I was safe. Those two men on a motorbike were Muslims. So the story illustrates how those two religious people were also spiritual as they helped a person of another faith.

In my opinion, we should stay human all the time whether we are Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Sikh, etc. If somebody is in trouble, we should help them despite their religion, race and colour. That makes us HUMANS and spiritual beings.

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