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"I want to Stay Here Forever" song

One of the songs that I wrote at the end of July 2017 was "I want to stay here forever". It is very deep in meaning and hard to be understood by everybody.

Some people have already commented on social media and in private messages with things like "Stay where?", "You want to be immortal?" and so on...apart from nice comments!

NO, I don't want to be immortal even though my ancestors lived long years and some of them longer than 100 years!

The lyrics go "This place is heaven on this Earth and there is no place like this" meaning that the artist has found that spot where his/her creation fountain starts and functions and this is the state I personally want to stay in FOREVER. "There is no place so dear to my soul and my dreams".

This type of pleasure is higher than having family, children, let alone just a man, haha! So yes, this song is hard to understand for some people.

"This life is short, our paths are different but dreams exist in every heart" is the other idea of this song...we are here for a limited time only, human life is on average 60-80 years, and we all have different functions, roles, abilities that can change in life due to circumstances, etc. We all have dreams no matter how big. It is worth fighting for your dreams.

The song can be streamed from my website here:


On 8th September 2017 it will be available in all major stores for download as it is the release date.

You can find it on my Sound Cloud here:


"I want to stay here forever" will be a part of my EP coming out on 9th of September 2017 called "Reborn from Ashes", which will include such songs as "Love never hurts, "Burnt inside", "I want to stay here forever" and "Fire in the sky", Stay updated on all social media!

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