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Recording of my new song "Our Star in the Sky" in Sefi's Carmel Studio

A while ago I wrote a song called "Our Star in the Sky". And today I was lucky to record it with an award winning composer, mixing/mastering engineer, producer and sound designer, Sefi Carmel.

It is a song about following our dreams and there is another idea interwoven in it-the idea of destiny, fate or what is called "Maktub" in Arabic. In other words, "what is meant to happen will happen and what is not meant to happen will never happen". This can be applied to different areas of our lives.

My song"Our star in the sky"will be out this month. So keep in touch and you will updated with the release date!

This song will be part of my second EP called "Freedom heals" which will be out in December 2017!

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