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Swan loyalty till "death do us part" and my new song "I am breaking chains"

Yesterday I recorded one of the songs I have written as I mentioned yesterday in the other post and today I would like to talk about the bond between people, my experience and of course the song itself!

The song I called "I am breaking chains". But why you may wonder?

Like swans people form relationships and families. The difference is that people's bonds are not as strong as swans' in most cases!

Nothing can beat swan loyalty-their bond is unbreakable, as they say "till death do us part".

Sometimes you feel like there is a special type of bond between you and the other person. That might happen not only in marriages... The strongest bond I ever experienced was actually with a person who I was with before my husband. These bonds are very "special" and sometimes very hard to "break" and overcome. So many years after this experience I wrote this song and only recently it was possible to overcome that feeling, that feeling of bond and belonging to another person. It is a very personal experience and hard to talk about and explain but those who have experienced it will know it and this song is the song about inner freedom, YOUR inner freedom and your ability to let go and move on.

I plan to release this song in October 2017 and it will be part of my second EP called "Freedom heals" that will be out in December 2017.

For now enjoy the chorus:


and another part of the song:


Feel free to share your comments about my post/song or your experience!

Look forward to it!

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