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1.Bright Light City, released on 19th July 2017

2. Fire in the Sky, dedicated to the victims of Grenfell fire, released on 26th July 2017

3. Love Temple, release date is 10th August 2017


Songs written by me:
4. Мне бы в небо, release date is 2nd August 2017

5. Прощай, released on 21st August 2017

EP "Reborn from Ashes" that includes "Fire in the Sky", "Love never hurts", "Burnt Inside" and "I want to stay here forever" songs was out on 9th September 2017.

6. Love never hurts

7.  Burnt inside

8. I want to stay here forever

EP "Freedom heals" includes "Our star in the sky", "Let me out", "Breaking Chains" and "I say to you bye" and was out in December 2017.

9.  Our star in the sky, 23rd September 2017 is release date

10. Let me out, December 2017

11. I am Breaking Chains, 16th September 2017 is release date

12. I say to you bye, release date is 16th October 2017

A revised version of "Reborn from Ashes" album was out on 28th January 2018 in all music digital stores such as Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. as before. 

The album features "Love Temple", "I want to stay here forever", "Fire in the sky" and "Burnt Inside". 

You can read more about why the first version of "Love never hurts" song that I wrote had to be taken down due to tune dispute in my blog!

"Love never hurts" that I wrote  in August 2017 came out on 28th February 2018 with a new tune.

Further songs written by me:

13. Our memories

14. Finally you I find

15. Life is not just black and white

16. Open your eyes, it's real

17. Hidden treasures are within you

18. That's the way I am

19. Follow your way

20. Deep inside are our dreams

21. Big wave of sorrow, dedicated to the victims of  tsunami in 2004 that took 250,000 lives

22. Here we are

23. Of no avail

24.  I am here, follow me

25. That's where the road leads

26. What if time machine existed?

27. I hug trees

28. When the sun went down

29.  Я соберу обломки своего сердца

30.  You're holding your fate in your hands

31.  Far away, far away

32. The heart is ocean of dreams

33. That's All in the Name of Love

34.  Snake Queen 

35.  Мы оставим следы на песке

36.  Love Island

37. The magic that exists for real

38. Strings of my soul are fragile

39. Here I am, next to you

40. Keep being you

41. It's written in the sky was released on 28th January 2018 

42. Walking away

43. You and me

44. Ты и я

You can read the stories behind the creation of some songs in my blog section of this website here.